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and put a platform together that focuses on them. not everybody in america wants a business and money is everything to them. a lot of folks want to spend time with their families. work in community groups. spend time at their church. we, as republicans, believe that is a good thing. we do not talk about it. and we do not talk to them. it is to take a page out of our book and start putting forth an agenda of ideas to raise up folks who want to vote for us. you saw the last election. they did not want to vote for president obama. but at least he went and talked to them and about them. we did not do that. we marginalized them. first and foremost, we need to reject the idea that if we build the economy, everybody will be fine. most people have holes in their boats. we need to talk about people who have holes in their boats. we all do. we all need help from each other. the second thing is we need to talk less about the culture. he people who do this is those who do not want to talk about culture in the first place. as a result, do not engage as we have in this party. i will give you an exa
, ladies and >> that is some big shoes to follow. party respects women across america. me greathy it gives pleasure to reward one of the greatest females with the beacon award. an awardeated to give to an outstanding democrat who exemplifies the ideals and values. in 2009, it was awarded to jimmy carter. it went to state senator and the majority leader. to tomar's award went harkin. this year's award has gone to secretary hillary clinton. [applause] stage some me on women withdemocratic onhereto except the award senator clinton -- secretary clinton's behalf. on january 21, 2009, hillary asham clinton was sworn in secretary of the united states. secretary clinton joined the state department after nearly four decades as an advocate, attorney, first lady, and senator. she attended local public fromls before graduating wellesley college, where she met bill clinton. she married bill clinton and became a successful attorney while also raising chelsea. she was an assistant professor at the university of arkansas law school, and she was appointed by jimmy carter to serve on the board of the legal
with music i a local singing group. group. local singing america, blow the trumpet of freedom lying down in unity one nation unto god in liberty against the odds we will stand for freedom america ♪ ♪ ♪ let it resound through golden plains from sea to sea and over the purple mountains majesty let it rise above the sea landghout the lambda-- the and be the heartbeat of every man america blow the trumpet of freedom no stopping now we will charge on today might we join ourselves in unity one nation unto god in liberty against the odds we will stand for freedom america ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] >> thank you so -- is this on? thank you so much. can you help me one more time? what a beautiful, beautiful job. beautiful. horne, is jennifer chairman of the new hampshire republican party. thank you all for being part of this wonderful event. please also join me in saying thank you to our gracious host, the ambassador. [applause] it is a great day to be a republican in the great state of new hampshire. there are so many great opportunities ahead of us. we face a lot of challenges in new hampshire
america to read prioritize your human-resources. to take your tens of thousands of students and faculty that are in the different disciplines, from social worker to health management's, and have those students and those faculty go into the continuous community, work with the community organizations and activists, identify the problems, use our human resources, our research capacities, come up with actions, strategies, and start solving the problems in our communities the way universities did at the turn of the 20th century. the chicago state is the state of my professors. we acknowledge physical violence as a challenge. but as professor harris and our african-american studies program talks about, there is abstract violence. he talks about that. the detriment and the pain that we feel as a result of abstract violence, it far exceeds anything that one will feel from physical violence. an urban city might have 200, 300, 400 people die in one year. abstract violence, poor access to health care, from food deserts', from the literacy, infant child birth -- i mean, infant mortality, we have an
-ployed the government. got away with it because free markets were so prosperous. sense, a huge middle class. america was known to have the iggest middle class ever and the wealthiest middle class ever. but not anymore. look at the statistics on the unemployment, people on food stamps, 100 million people of food some type assistance. and the inflation is still with us. -- i would say that the very, very e been poor. and there -- we're in a we're not here producing either. we create a situation where we we -- our ce all greatest export are our dollars. this will come to an end. something.ave to do you will have to decide. on what we onfused should do, when, how, you can start by saying, you know what start -- why d don't we just start right now washingtonanybody to unless you really believe they'll obey the constitution. -- use plautz [ applause ] pretty e, that's radical. but if they're needing change, that's the kind of change -- the want.e we but we have to change attitudes too. attitudes change about this authority government has assumed. hey should -- the executive branch is probably the most gu
. these people are different. they do not have to think the way a political science book in america describes them overall. i agree with you. there is a dilemma. if you begin your sense of moving -- you know what that is. that is not political at all. rituals are very important. men and women are different. you do not talk to the old the way you talk to the young. you do not avoid banks -- to move from this kind of islam to say that islam is everything and it should be everywhere -- it governs also the public life. that move indicates that the person is the satisfied with the normal customs and traditions. there is a process to go through, either by hitting the books -- this dichotomy, to what extent egypt in law is moving away by figures is not real. i will give you a simple fact. in the 1940's, there was a committee that drafted the civil code. there was an egyptian jurist and a professor. they came with the project and first it was sent to the lawyers and judges to comment on. one of the judges -- he attended and there was a member of the committee looking at the draft. he keeps saying, "t
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6